Rashida Black Beauty is certainly trending heavily on social media especially Facebook after she won big the Viral video of the year with her Kushmai video.

Well, according to Rashida Black Beauty, she completed JHS this year and she’s from Berekum.

Rashida Black Beauty shot to fame when her ex. Kushmai cleared and discharged her leaving Rashida to pour her heart out in a video detailing all that she did for Kushmai and how Kushmai decided to just broke up with her like that.

Watch Rashida’s first video to Kushman here

In the video, Rashida disclosed how she bought boxer shots among others for Kushmai but still Kushmai decided to dump her like that for another girl because the girl is in SHS.

God has his own way of blessing us, Rashida after been cleared and discharged by Kushmai is now an award-winner and you should have seen how our A-list celebs were all over her today to take photos with her.

Rashida also disclosed that she will like to venture into acting. Go forth and shine, Malafakka queen!!



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