The lady of the moment, Rashida Black Beauty of Malafakka-Malafakka fame has disclosed that she will really-really like to go into acting.

According to her, it seems Ghanaians are loving her videos and some are urging her on to at least venture into acting and not waste her time on the biggest boss himself, Kushmai.
Watch Rashida’s first video to Kushmai here
On Viasat One TV, when asked by the host whether she would really like to venture into acting, the relaxed Rashida Black Beauty disclosed,

“Yes, I will like to go into acting. People are urging me on so anybody who can hook me up, I’m ready.”

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Yes, say positive things into your life and they will come to pass. Guess what? Deloris Frimpong-Manso aka. Delay says she has decided to grant Rashida Black Beauty her acting dreams.

According to Delay, she’s ready to give her a full time job on TV. Whoop, whoop, whoop, our lady is gone. Kushmai, sorry oo

On Gram, she posted a photo of Rashida with the caption, ‘ Ok so I’ve been thinking. Bring her and let’s get her a full time job on television in 2017 ?”


God bless you, Delay for accepting to work with Rashida!!!

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