1. It Doesn’t Have To Be That Big

A woman’s g-sp0t is actually only about 2 inches into her va-gi-na – therefore, the myth that men have to have a huge pen!s to give a woman an 0rgazm is just that – a myth. A pen!s can be sati-sfy-ing to a woman and cause g-sp0t 0rgazms if it’s over 3″ long, however, the average pen!s size is about 5 inches. So in reality, most men are able to satisfy a woman with the equipment they’ve got.

2. A Prominent “Ridge”

Many girls will favor a prominent ridge where the head meets the shaft. If you follow this ridge around to the underside, you will see it curve upwards into an upside down “V.” When the shaft is er-ec-t, this ridge can get very swollen and when it is prominent, it will “catch” on the g-sp0t and stimulate it during siex. The ridge is much more prominent in circumcised men than uncirc-umc-ised men, because the f0reskin that covers the head has been removed.

3. A Wide Head

Again, the head is where it’s at for a woman. This is what will st-imul-ate her g-sp0t during s-ex and give her incredible 0rgazms. Although her g-sp0t isn’t very big, the wider the head of your pen!s is, the more it will rub up against it and st-imu-late it.

4. A Thick Shaft

The outside of the vag!na, at the opening, is also a very sen-sitive area. You may have seen the rabbit style vi-bra-tors with the rotating beads – those are designed to mas-sage and stimulate those sensitive nerves at the vag!nal opening. If your pen!s is very thin, you’re not going to be able to rub up against the walls of her vag!na very well. However, if you have a thicker shaft, you will automatically be causing friction and stim=ulating those hot sp0ts.

If your pen!s is thin, it’s not the end of the world. Your siexual technique can compensate for it. Simply thr-ust your pen!s in a circular motion during siex instead of the straight in-and-out. It may take some practice to get this technique down pat, but it is well worth it. When doing using this technique, you’re going to rub up against every side of her vag!nal walls, right where those pleasure sp0ts are.

5  Slight Upward Curve

The g-sp0t is located on the top wall of the vag!na, on the stomach side – not the butt side. So if your pen!s has a slight upward curve, it’s simply going to hit the g-sp0t even better. If your pen!s goes straight out, that’s not bad either. If your pen!s curves downward, you may want to experiment with different siex positions to find a way to st-im-ulate her g-sp0t with your pen!s.

D0ggy style is actually an excellent siex position to try if you want to stimu-late her g-sp0t but your pen!s curves downwards. Some men have a pen!s that curves slightly to the left or right – this usually does not affect a woman sie-xually, unless you are long enough to stim-ulate her A-F-E Zone, which is much farther back than the g-sp0t.



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