KudiChat.com is a online market platform and social community where users can socialise and invite their friends to register  and get awesome reward.It allows you to communicate & share things with friends & family, sell your own products & promote your own business.

Because of the lack of employment going on in Ghana, the creators of this social media platform decided to include two income opportunities on the platform for all.

1. There is a full MARKET on the website where as a member you have the right to sell every product you have to offer or service on the platform to make money free.

2. Everybody register into the website with a one time 5 Ghana Cedis. When you have registered, any person you invite into the platform who registers, the company pays you 4 Ghana Cedis per invite. You only have to multiply the number of people you invite to know your total income.

To access this features, users need to create and verify their account.

REGISTRATION: You register with your mobile phone 5 Ghana Cedis and your are paid through your mobile phone so that you can cash out any where you want.


*Kudichat is the 1st Social Media Network & Classified Portal which pays its users anytime a user invites others to join.*

*This method of online money making can be one of the most easiers ways to begin earning an extra income by just browsing and surfing the Internet making use of your Data and your Time online.*

New Pro Account users are required to make payment of *GHS5.00*, we pay you *60% (GHS3.00)* of registration fee to our referer.

Imagine you have 5000 friends on facebook, all you have to do is send invites to all 5000 friends requesting them to join Kudichat. For instance, 4500 accepts your invite to Register, it simply means *4500 x 3.00 = 13,500* will be your earning for just investing only GHS5.00. Cool isn’t it. You will be credited instantly as at when your invitees registers on the website.

? *Join our Pro Account now for just GHS5.00 and begin your way to your financial freedom or to earn an extra Income.*

*How to Invite* ???
*1.* Tell your friends to register on KudiChat.com
*2.* Tell them to register under the Pro Account type to enjoy full functionality of the website as well as they also getting the opportunity to invite others to earn an extra Income.
*3.* Let your invitees insert your KudiChat username [e.g. ekowmensah] on the payment Gateway form when registering
*4.* Viola!
*5.* Request and make withdrawal from your account at your convinient time.

Kudi Chat – Welcome to The Ultimate Social Media Page for Advertisers
Kudi Chat is the first social network and a powerful online trade community in Ghana. It brings together friends & family to be able to communicate, share items, & sell and promote your items and business. Above all, you get GH¢3.00 each time you invite another person to join. You may have to regist…


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